Namibia Slackpacking in the Namib Desert

Walking in Namibia’s largest private nature reserve: NamibRand Nature Reserve
Leisurely, personal, fully catered and expertly guided walking trail

Walking in one of Namibia’s most beautiful landscapes
Sleep out in your “dune suite” under the stars
3 days/ 2 nights

This walking trail is one of the most stunning experiences in Namibia, if not world-wide.

This walking trail takes you close to the desert’s stunning beauty. You will discover many secrets of the Namib that only be fully experienced on foot. Surreal mountain landscapes intermingle with rolling dunes. Fog-basking Tok Tokkie beetles, barking geckos, dancing spiders, bat-eared foxes, and many more live here. Your guide will reveal this world to you, while you can just enjoy.

This is a leisurely trail, you walk slowly, stopping now and then for the guide’s interesting explanations. In the evenings you enjoy a sundowner and a three-course dinner under the stars.

You spend the nights in your “dune suite” on a comfortable camp bed out in the vast silence of the desert. You’ve probably never seen such a starry sky!

  • You can integrate this walking trail into your journey as a module.

    Normal fitness is sufficient, you only need love for nature.

    Your luggage will be transported, you only need to carry a small back pack with your personal items and water during the day.

    You can relax enjoy the magnificent scenery, while your guide and his team take care of everything.

  • This walking trail with its simple luxuries is for you, if you are looking for a unique nature experience. If you can walk 10 km per day over diverse terrain and at an easy pace you are fit enough to do this trail.

    Desert fans, hiking enthusiasts, nature lovers and stressed city people – everybody who wants to leave their comfort zone for a unique nature experience will enjoy this trail.

  • Adventure level: **
  • Travel module
on request
Wandern in Namibia - Genusswandern in der Namib Wüste
Drei-Gänge Abendessen unter den Sternen
Friedvolle Morgenstimmung im NamibRand Nature Reserve
Tourverlauf / Reiseroute

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive, short walk to camp and night under the stars

The trails starts with a short visit of NaDEET (Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust). This is an interesting organisation, which aims to develop environmentally responsible citizens of Namibia. Especially children learn about sustainable living.

Then, a short scenic drive takes you to the starting point of the Tok Tokkie Trail. From there, you walk over slopes strewn with mysterious“fairy circles” and over rolling dunes to the first camp. The dunes here are different from those at Sossusvlei: not high and massive, but small, vegetated dunes that softly roll over the landscape.

At camp, relax with a sundowner and marvel at the magnificent scenery before dinner is served.

For most the first night spent out in the desert will be unforgettable. If the sky is clear and moonless, the stars sparkling in the sky are overwhelmingly beautiful. NamibRand Nature Reserve is one of last truly dark areas in the world and therefore an International Dark Sky Reserve.

Walking time: 1 –2 hrs, sleeping out in the open on stretcher beds (mattress, duvet, cushion, all in a canvas cover); dinner included (lunch can be pre-booked upon request)

Dünenlandschaft mit Bergen in der Namib - wandern und träumen

Day 2: Walk to the next camp

The first rays of the sun give the desert a magic appearance. Early morning tea or coffee is served before sunrise so that you can set off in the cool of the early morning. Your outdoor breakfast is already waiting for you.

During today’s walk you will have breathtaking views of the dunes and plains of the Namib. On a clear day, you can maybe spot the towering dunes of Sossusvlei from the highest point of the walk. Many animals in the desert are active during the night and leave their tracks in the sand. There, written in the sand, your guide reads the morning news to you. Maybe you find the tracks of a golden mole – this blind creature moves around by swimming in the sand. With some luck oryx, springbock or ostrich cross your path. Or maybe you spot the dune lark, which is endemic to the Namib.  The chirping of the social weavers and the and the characteristic call of the sandgrouse can be heard almost every morning in the desert.

You cross a dune field in the “Horseshoe Wilderness Area”. On an ancient zebra path you ascend and walk over a mountain saddle, before you gently descend to a dry riverbed on the other side of the mountain.

During the course of the day your guide will explain some wonders of the Namib to you – how the fascinating desert flora survives, how insect and reptil elife adapts to the harsh environment and how mammals can survive here without water. As we realize that our survival depends on the water that has been deposited for us, this will probably heighten our admiration for the plants and animals that sirvove here.

When it gets warmer, it’s time for a siesta. For lunch we will stop at a shady spot where you can enjoy the treats prepared by our chefs. There is enough time for a nice rest. As soon as it cools down a bit, it’s time to continue walking to the second camp.

The scene in front of you is a sea of endless dunes and “fairy circles” against a backdrop of magnificent mountain scenery. The shadows on the dunes create an ever-changing palette of colors shortly before sunset. Photography is spectacular!

A sundowner and a delicious dinner after a long and enjoyable day are indeed welcome. Your camp team will again serve you a delicious three course dinner. You might hear some barking geckos, owls or just deafening silence. Enjoy your second night in your trillion star hotel!

Walking time: morning: 4 –4.5 hrs / afternoon: 2 –2.5 hrs, sleeping out in the open on stretcher beds; breakfast, lunch, dinner included

Wandern in den bewachsenen Dünen der Namib

Day 3: Return to Trail Start

Once again you you wake up in the soft light shortly before sunrise. Coffee and breakfast is served before you set off through the dune
field. The soft and rolling dunes are interspersed by camel thorn trees. Today’s walk is easy and you arrive at the trail start late morning.

Walking time: morning: 3 – 3.5 hrs, breakfast included

Please note! Sometimes the trail is walked the other way around and the landscape will be seen at different times of the day than described above. This is at the operator’s discretion.

Wanderer inmitten der Dünen und Berge des NamibRand Nature Reserve
Beeindruckende Ausblicke über die Namib beim Wandern
Stimmungsvolle Abende im Camp
Oryx im Camp - Genusswandern Namibia
IncludedNot Included
  • meals and equipment as stated in the itinerary (lunch on arrival if pre-booked, 1x light lunch, 2x dinner, 2x breakfast)
  • the services of a nature guide
  • the services of a “back-up” crew
  • walking in a small group of 2 – 8 guests
  • group transfer to the starting point of the trail
  • tap water, tea, coffee and juice, beer, wine and soft drinks are freely available in the overnight camps
  • NamibRand Nature Reserve park fees
  • value added tax (VAT)
  • Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) levies / bed levies – not applicable at time of print (subject to change)
  • Light lunch upon arrival: N$ 120.00 per person, please pre-book
  • Tips
  • Water bottles for your water during the day
  • Expenses of personal nature
  • travel insurance (we highly recommend to take out travel insurance)
  • travel to the starting point of the trail

Please contact us for your personal offer

Programme subject to change, especially due to unfavourable weather conditions, organizational problems or unforeseen events
 This trail is carried out by one of our selected partners.min. 2, max 8 participants

Important Information

  • Character of the tour

The trail is not difficult, but challenging. Fitness and good condition is essential as the trails entail 7 to 8 hours walking. Walking does normally not exceed 10 km a day; the pace is set to suit the group. Your main luggage will be transported by a back-up vehicle; you only have to carry a day pack, including a lunch pack, water and your camera equipment. As some of the routes lead through rough terrain and over sand dunes it requires well-balanced and secure walking. Please be aware of high temperature fluctuations, which can reach 35°C or more during the day whilst sometimes plummeting down to -5°C at night, which can cause additional stress to your heart and circulation. It is indispensable and vital to drink enough water. We recommend you to prepare yourself for the trail with some fitness training and if necessary get a health check.

  • Being outdoors and temperatures

During the duration of the trail you will be outdoors at all times.
The winter in Namibia is the cooler dry season, which is characterised by high temperature changes and rare rainfall. Especially at night it can get very cold (June to August down to -5°C). During the day temperatures may rise up to 25°C (but it can also be cool). These are differences that can be challenging for the body. Especially cold fronts from Antarctica can bring uncomfortable weather, although mostly only for a short time. The Namibian summer (approx. October to end of March) is the rainy season and it seldom rains during the other months but winter rain can occur – to be well prepared even rain gear might be advisable. The summer months can be very hot with temperatures over 30°C, so it is essential to pack the suitable clothes. Especially in the winter months, we strongly advise to pack warm clothes – beanies, a scarf and gloves might be very welcome at times!! But rest assured that you will not encounter a grey sky that will linger for weeks. Please note that the natural variability of the weather can bring about unusual weather conditions.

  • Important to know/ what you need

    • You have no opportunity to charge batteries
    • Comfortable worn-in walking shoes – NOT new shoes, these will cause great discomfort and spoil your walk.
    • A hat or cap for sun protection is essential
    • Bring your own water bottles (at least for 2 litres of water)
    • Bring curiosity and good humour. This walking trail can offer you unforgettable experiences. In order to fully enjoy it, you must love nature and being outdoors with limited comforts.)

For further information please contact us.

Feenkreise in der Namib

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